Pokemon Pornography Story: Dawn’s Bitchy Adventure – Chapter Two

Pokemon Pornography Story: Dawn’s Bitchy Adventure – Chapter Two

Chapter 2

She pulled Dawn in for a deep, erotic kiss and grabbed her ass, sliding a finger in and wiggling it around.

Dawn decided to play along; she’d pleasured five guys since the day started and not a single girl, something she always wanted to try. She returned the favor, taking a handful of Tina’s ass.

Dawn and Tina had very different bodies, though both very alluring. Dawn’s slender, small-breasted form lay in direct contrast to Tina’s fuller, curvy form; the perfect hourglass figure. Her breasts were much larger, more than a handful, and her ass was fuller and softer, compared to Dawn’s toned, firm buttocks.

The two slowly leaned onto a table, writhing and running one hand through each others’ hair and down their backs as the other hand lodged a finger into the other’s ass.

The class stopped studying and reading as they watched in awe at the unprompted girl-on-girl action right before their eyes. Several began shouting for them to take their clothes off, others calling to each 69, and a few pulling their dicks out and asking if they could join.

But the girls were far too occupied to even discern the overlapping shouts as they focused on each other. Dawn had since pulled away and opened Tina’s shirt, kissing and sucking and licking her breasts as she continued to violate Tina’s nether regions with now two fingers.

Tina moaned, dry-humping Dawn’s torso as the girl serviced her breasts. “Oh yeah, lick my tits you little slut!” Tina cried as she ran her hands through Dawn’s silky black hair, rubbing against Dawn faster and harder.

Dawn took one of Tina’s round, firm breasts into her mouth as she kept pumping her fingers in her asshole. She was feeling a bit left out, though, giving all this attention to Tina when all she got in return was a head rub. She looked up at Tina with pleading eyes.

Tina took notice, and was more than willing to comply. Tina wiggled the fingers out of her ass and got up off the table, taking force so quickly Dawn was shocked. She spun Dawn around, pushed her onto the table, and spun her around. She pulled the younger girl’s legs up over her shoulders and pulled her sweet pussy up to her and went straight to work, ravishing her pussy.

Dawn was caught off guard, crying out in bliss as Tina’s skilled tongue worked her magic. She bucked her hips into Tina’s face, desperate for more.

By this point, everything had stopped. Everyone looked on, cheering and shouting. Most of the guys had their dick whipped out and were pumping as hard as they could.

Tina continued her work on Dawn’s pussy as the rookie trainer’s entire body squirmed under her tongue. She dragged her tongue up along Dawn’s smooth pussy lips with agonizing slowness, the girl taking in a deep breath in anticipation before she drove a tongue into her snatch. Dawn cried out as Tina continued to work. She grabbed her small, developing breasts and kneaded them to augment her pleasure.

But, while Dawn was ecstatic, Tina was feeling left out like Dawn was earlier. She spotted Dawn’s near double-headed dildo on the table and smiled, giving Dawn one last lick before pulling Dawn’s legs off her shoulders. “I have an idea”. She picked up the dildo and gave it a slow pat. “Stand up and we’ll have some fun,” she smiled.

Dawn knew where she was going with this, shooting to her feet and approaching Tina as she readied the dildo at her entrance. She pulled the older trainer in for a kiss as her dildo sank into the girl’s slick pussy. When the dildo was near the halfway point, Tina pulled away. “Your turn”
Dawn smiled, running her hand down Tina’s face and body before taking firm hold of her hips, leaning on her as the dildo probed her warmth. Finally, the dildo lay wedged in the two young girls’ vaginas, the ripples and bumps stimulating them with even the slightest movement.

They wrapped their hands around each other, reconnecting their kiss as they began to thrust on the dildo, their bodies rubbing together as they worked as a synchronized rhythm. Their bodies slipped away before colliding again, filling the room with the sound of flesh slapping. As they pulled away, they rubbed their breasts together, all the while keeping a firm grip on the other and their mouths locked together.

Markus, who stood nearby the whole time, was getting restless. He furiously jacked off, but it wasn’t enough. Dawn’s firm ass teased him, and finally he’d had enough. He spit on his hands, rubbing his saliva onto his dick as he slid up behind Dawn. Grabbing her hips directly under Tina’s hands, he slid his dick into her ass slowly.

Dawn moaned into Tina’s mouth as she felt Markus claim her ass. With both her holes filled, Dawn began to go faster, sliding her arms under Tina’s and grabbing her head as she kissed her even more fervidly.

The guys loved the sight of this, and they were getting even more rowdy. One finally decided that if Markus was gonna get a piece of that, so was he. He slid up behind Tina and did the same, sliding his dick into her full, soft ass.

Now Tina took it upon herself to pick up the pace. Both girls, their pussies and asses filled, embraced in wild passion, fucking each other with the plastic cock as the real dicks thrust into their nether regions, augmenting their pleasure.

Their tongues danced, their breasts heaved and collided, and on impact their clits rubbed together, and they loved every second of it. For all her experience with men, which spanned a couple hours, there was something sensual about enjoying this with another girl, someone who wanted what she did and gave it to her. Markus fucking her ass was only a plus.

A plus that wouldn’t last long. Both guys had worked themselves so hard earlier that they wouldn’t last very long in the tight little assholes they were enjoying so much. Especially hearing the two girls moan and pant on each other as they did, feeling their soft skin on their bodies and their silky hair against their faces…it was incredible.

Tina and Dawn broke their kiss, their tongues lingering together for one last moment before parting. They threw their heads back onto their sodomists’ shoulders and moaned words of encouragement to make them fuck harder.

And fuck harder they did. Seeing the end in sight, both guys got a tight hold on their partners’ hips as they picked up their speed, thrusting wildly into their asses, feeling it build up inside them.

“Cum in my ass, Markus!” Dawn cried. “I want to feel you cum in my ass!”

And cum he did. Both he and the guy in Tina’s ass came, crying out as they filled their partners’ nether regions with their hot, creamy spunk. They pulled out after the first shot, but second shots nailed both chicks’ asses as they pulled out and fell back into nearby chairs, spent.

But the girls weren’t spent, and neither were a lot of the spectators. They had a while to go, and wanted a change of pace. Very slowly they maneuvered into a position very precarious to get into with the dildo still buried in their cuts. But they did it, and damn, it felt good.

They both lay on the floor, their pelvises held fast together, their clits rubbing together with even the slightest movement. Their legs intertwined as they fucked the plastic dick against each other, screaming and panting in wild pleasure.

With their mouths and eyes no longer occupied, the girls finally looked around an absorbed the sight before them for the first time. The guys who’d been jacking off the whole time now swarmed around them, dicks aimed at their bodies, intent on busting a nut all over them. They even noticed a few girls in the back who had their hands up their skirts. They caused quite the stir, and Dawn wished she could stick around a few days to see the result of this.

Although at least she knew she had one hell of an orgasm building. It had gone on for so long and in so many different ways that she could feel the intensity burning inside her. She continued to thrust against Tina, her breathing faster and her moaning louder.

Tina felt the same way, never having met someone with incredible a libido as Dawn, the first girl who could keep up with her. She let out a low, sustained moan as she felt her orgasm building ever faster inside her. Slowly, it became louder as she felt the waves of pleasure approach.

With one last thrust, both girls climaxed, Dawn’s frantic, high-pitched “yes”es and Tina’s moan forming an orgasmic cacophony as powerful orgasms wracked their bodies like never before.

The orgasmic bliss before them set off all the guys around them, almost at once. As powerful orgasms drove the girls mad, all eleven guys around them came, shooting their loads all over their breasts, faces, bodies, pelvises…they just lay in place, relaxing from their orgasms, cum all over them.

The guys got over it much faster, putting their dicks away soon after they came and very quickly got back into the swing of things.

The girls, however, didn’t get up. Dawn sat on Tina, the dildo still buried in their pussies, as they licked cum off each others’ faces.

“Dawn, you wanna go half on a room at the Pokemon center and continue things over there?”

“I’d love to,” Dawn smiled before taking Tina’s right breast into her mouth and sucking cum off the area around her nipple.

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